Readers often want their own Hitty. You can purchase a flat wooden version of Hitty when you visit our museum on Great Cranberry Island in Maine. (Sorry, supplies are limited and we no longer sell the dolls online or by mail.)

Hitty Preble is a 6½-inch tall flat wooden version of the fabulous Hitty.  Think of Hitty Preble as a wooden “paper doll.” She is inexpensive enough to be suitable for rough play by young children, and for mailing around the world without fear of great loss. And you can make three cut-out paper outfits for Hitty (And see below for how you can cut-out your own paper outfits for Hitty).

Best of all, every Hitty Preble is made by a Maine craftsman, and has really slept overnight in the actual Preble house on Great Cranberry Island, Maine, just as original Hitty did, in the story, all those long years ago!




DVD Video:
Great Cranberry Island: Hitty’s Home

This video introduces you to Maine’s Cranberry Isles, and shows how they influenced Rachel Field’s poetry and prose. (You can purchase this DVD when you visit our museum store while supplies last.)

You’ll see the actual Preble house on Great Cranberry Island, which Rachel used as the setting for Hitty, Her First Hundred Years — where Hitty was first carved for little Phoebe Preble.

You’ll hear Hitty’s Theme — a beautiful, innocent, haunting new song written exclusively for this video.

And you’ll learn about our Hitty Preble project, and watch as Hitty Preble sails off to a new owner, and more exciting adventures.

This video had its world premiere at the
Hitty and Friends Tenth Anniversary Reunion in Williamsburg, Virginia 31 October 2004


Big Hitty Note Cards

Great Cranberry Island, Maine is Big Hitty’s Home too!  Chainsaw artist Michelle delValle donated Big Hitty to the Great Cranberry Island Historical Museum in 2005.

We took these exclusive photos of Big Hitty visiting the original Preble House, and other spots on the island, and made them into beautiful note cards that you can purchase when you visit our museum store while supplies last.

The cards are blank inside, for you to write your own sentiments according to the occasion.

Here are some cut-out paper outfits for Hitty Preble to wear:

Parisian Outfit

Bathing Costume

Quaker Dress

Winter Coat

Pink Dress